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MultiCultural Review is a quarterly trade journal and book review for educators and librarians at all levels. In addition to regular columns, announcements, and news, MultiCultural Review contains five or six feature articles in each issue. These feature articles may be one of the following types: 1) discussions of current issues related to multiculturalism in the United States; 2) bibliographic essays or bibliographies on current issues related to multiculturalism; 3) ethnographic articles on specific groups; 4) bibliographic articles on specific groups, highlighting children's and/or adult books; 5) articles on non-profit resources (audio, video, software, online sources) that present diverse cultures; and 6) practical articles on multicultural pedagogy or librarianship. Article queries, with proposal, contents, and writing samples, are strongly encouraged. All inquiries regarding writing assignments (features and reviews) should include a résumé and writing samples.

Articles should be no more than 6,000 words in length. The minimum preferred length for a feature article is 2,000 words. If appropriate, provide illustrative material (photographs, line art, charts, or graphs). DO NOT submit irreplaceable items! No remuneration, however, is offered for expenses incurred in the production of such elements. Work should be submitted in disk form (3½" disk; either Mac or PC format is fine), with one paper copy of the manuscript, double-spaced. Remuneration is by agreement between the editor-in-chief and the writer.

Writers are responsible for obtaining any necessary permission from the copyright owners for publication of copyrighted work. In the case of photographs, permission must be obtained from any individuals featured or from the copyright owner of any works depicted. Copies of such permissions must be supplied with the final submission of the work. All writers are required to sign a Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. release form upon acceptance of work for publication. Reviewers are required to sign an annual release form for all publisher reviews. Writers are expected to follow traditional standards of scholarly/professional writing and reviewing. (The Chicago Manual of Style and Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary are the style preferences, but other commonly accepted references may be used.)

All feature submissions are subject to peer review. Please provide complete name, title, affiliation, address, and telephone number (include FAX number, if available) when submitting materials for consideration. Articles must be timely and geared specifically to the issues relative to or impacted by multiculturalism. The primary focus of the journal is on the United States, though articles that present comparative perspectives or focus on the roots of American ethnic, racial, or religious groups are also welcomed. Perspectives and opinions should demonstrate knowledge of and sensitivity to diversity. Alternative viewpoints, though, are encouraged, and articles featuring a dialogue of such perspectives will receive particular attention.

Please allow at least four to six weeks for a response to submitted manuscripts. Submission of time-sensitive news or features should be made at least three to four months in advance of the event.

Book reviewers in all subject areas are always wanted and needed. Include detailed information concerning areas of interest, specific formats (books, audio, video, or software) expertise, special preferences, and schedule requirements. Reviews should be limited to 200 words. Two or more works can be included in a single review, but approval for such reviews must be obtained from the editor-in-chief. Please do not submit unsolicited reviews.

Direct all correspondence to Lyn Miller-Lachmann, Editor-in Chief, MultiCultural Review, 6 Birch Hill Rd., Ballston Lake, NY 12019.

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